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Thread: Time for DSLR?

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    Default Time for DSLR?

    I have been using my Canon SX1 is for some time now. The quality of the pictures is excellent, provided there is plenty of light - low light is an issue, especially when using the zoom. The limitations of this camera were brought home to me when we had a studio session at our local club. Using lighting set-up I couldn't get a picture that wasn't over exposed as on manual I couldn't go lower than 80 ISO or higher than F8.

    So I think I want to go for a DSLR, but my quandary is do I stick with Canon (650D) or do I go for the Nikon 7100?

    My main picture taking is wildlife and grandchildren - mostly on the move rather than portrait.

    OR - is the Canon SX50 HS a better choice?

    All comments appreciated.

    Many thanks


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    hi first thing when buying a DSLR is to remember that you are buying into a system so make sure that system suits your needs next go and try them out if it feels right thats a long way to being right, dont settle for i will get used to it. if you get either camera then it will come with a kit lens the canon 18-55is i know isnt a bad one but for wildlife you will need something longer and that will have to be factored in.

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    The Canon SX50 IS would be a good choice for wildlife but its basically a compact with a very long telephoto lens, so you'd still have the same limitations with things like studio sessions and low light photography. On the other hand it soulds like you're happy with the image quality of your SX1 so a DSLR, with the size and weight that adds, might be overkill. A good halfway house might be a compact system camera. In many ways an ideal choice would be something like the Nikon 1 system. Although a smaller sensor than a DSLR it's much bigger than a compact like the SX1 or SX50 IS so image quality will be a lot better. You'll get the option of manual control (though its a bit fiddly to access if you'd use it a lot) but best of all it has a range of features that are great for action shots of the grandchildren, such as the ability to shoot at 60fps, a slow-mo video mode and the Best Shot Selector which make it easier to capture decisive moments by starting to take pictures before you fully depress the shutter. There are several models – you can currently buy the J2 in a twin lens kit for under 500 that includes the 30-100mm which, thanks to the magnification factor resulting from the smaller sensor, is equivalent to 300mm on a full frame DSLR, yet is only 6cm long and 180g. If you' want a viewfinder the V2 is a rather more expensive at 870 for the twin lens kit, but is otherwise similar. You may also find the previous model, the V1, as a twin lens kit for a lot less. It's currently 369 on Amazon, for example: ( )


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