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    I've just found the site this afternoon and have been reading really useful information...I wish I'd found it ages ago!

    I'm going back to Iceland in summer. Last time I visited I was blown away by the amazing scenery and wished I had a camera up to capturing it so that the photos are as vivid as my memories. I would love to be able to take photos of the waterfalls so that the water is captured in time, sunrises and sunsets, and general landscapes.

    I tried using a friend's Canon DSLR earlier this year and was happy with the size/weight etc but I'm having difficulty working through the differences between the 1100/550/600/60 etc that I find on amazon/ebay etc. I've previously been a point and shoot compact camera girl. I'm booked on to an intro to DSLR course in a couple of weeks time. I thought that would help me decide which camera to get, but apparently it is better if I get the camera first and take it with me to look at settings etc while they are talking.

    My husband is starting a new career path in vehicle journalism and, whilst he normally goes out with a pro photographer, sometimes he will need to take his own pictures too. Mainly of off road vehicles at extreme angles! So it would be ideal if we bought a camera that suited us both. After the holiday my main photographic topic will be an enthusiastic terrier!!

    As for budget - I think up to 750 .

    Does anyone have opinions on where to buy? Online seems easiest and often cheapest but should I be looking to my local camera shop for the after sales support.
    With thanks for any help you can give me.

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    Hi and welcome. You are thinking in the right directions with a DSLR and with a budget of 750 pounds you need to think of a body and a lens. That brings us to the 650d or the 60d. both in your price range depending on what lens you get. The 650d comes with a 18-55 which isnt a bad lens for a kit lens. The 60d has a number of what could be described as a kit lens but also in your price range. I would also suggest a course in basic camera handling if you really want to get the best out of it for your holiday. Come back if you need any more help. Last thing go and try them out hold them make sure they feel right, when you buy a DSLR you buy into a system so make sure that system suits your needs.


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