i need some advice please
in 6 months time iam going on a dream holiday to south africa and need to buy a good camera to record this once in a lifetime event.now i know very very little about cameras the only camera i have is a 5millon pixel point and shoot samsung which is not going to be up to the job,as we going into the bush and iam sure the wild animals are not going to be walking up to me!
so i need something that is easy to operate [can you get a automatic good camera?]
something that i can fit a longer lense to
i also go to watch classic car raceing so if it can take pictures of fast stuff then that will be a bonus
so any advice in what to look for,what models etc,how many pixells i need etc will be welcome.
not sure on budget but say up to about 500 for the camera then i worry abot the lense price later
please rember that i am a novice and have no experince
thanks very much