Hi all, this is my first post, but couldn't find anything anywhere else, so thought I'd ask everyone's thoughts.

I currently use a Pentax K-r, For which I have 3 lenses, however, I've had this sometime and am now considering the next step.

I'm thinking of upgrading to a full frame camera, this will have to be something 2nd hand due to my budget, but think I would rather spend the money on something 18-24 months old than something new that'll be replaced in a few months anyway.

I guess, what I'm after is any suggestions for what to look at/for, So far I've only looked an Canon, thinking a 5d mk2 or an older 1d, which would be in my price range, I'll then get extra lens(es) once I sell my Pentax. But any other suggestions/thoughts would be most welcome.

Thanks in advance