I'm on quite a tight budget and have been looking at the Panasonic Lumix range, as they get good reviews on Amazon and various other websites, and seem a good entry level camera.

I was initially looking at the DMC-Z1 which has a 16.1 CMOS sensor and 10x optical zoom. This model gets very good reviews (it's 92 on Amazon which is a good price) but I read that CCD sensors generally give better quality images? I then looked at the DMC-FS45 which seems to be very similar spec although a 16.1 CCD sensor and 5x optical zoom (priced at 87). Both have a 25mm Leica lens.

Can anybody give any advice please? Which will take the better image? It's confusing because the DMC-Z1 seems to get better reviews, but I've read CCD is better!