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    Default Nikon D90 or Nikon D3000

    I am looking for a dslr camera, I have a budget of 350 including a lense.
    I have been looking at getting a nikon d90 second hand, this is because I have tried the camera and it works well, also it has a built in focusing motor, therefore meaning I can use older lenses.
    Although today my friend pointed out to me the nikon d3200 is around the same price new, and as regards to snapsort is a better camera.
    I have an interest in photography and have been using a bridge camera, but have found it limiting.
    One main benefit I see is that the d90 has 2 dials to change aperture and shutter speed and the screen on the top to check settings, which I rather like.
    Any advice would be appreciated

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    The D90 is a very capable camera but now 5 years old, it is around still because of demand. The D3200 is a lot newer and double the pix count of the D90, this is probably a better proposition on breaking into the dslr field,and will be a better starter camera.

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    Hi Robadob, welcome to the forum.

    The D90 is still a great camera but it's long in the tooth, i have one and use it a lot.The D3200 on the other hand is a modern camera with a better sensor. Older lenses will still work on a 3200 but you will need to manual focus them. I would have to agree with Mike unless you have a pile of AF lenses get the D3200. Hope t this helps... Graham

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    hi just for the fact the d90 is several years old now i would go for the d3200. remember though when you buy a DSLR you buy into a system so make sure that system suits your needs

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