Hey, I would love to buy a new camera for my fiance and am torn between a good deal for a double lens kit for the Olympus PEN EPL3 (just over £400 for M.ZUIKO Digital 14 -42mm II R and M.ZUIKO Digital 40 -150mm Lenses) or the new Olympus PEN EPM2 (about £460 with the 14-42,mm lens). I would only be able to go for the EPM2 with the lens it's supplied with though.

The EPL3 is an atractive option as it has two lenses and seems a good deal. On the otherhad it has been replaced now with the EPL5. Unfortunately I can't afford that one so the EPM2 would be the best I could get of the new range.

The EMP2 has 16.1 megapixels and has had very good reviews. The EPL3 has had good reviews but only has 12.3 megapixels.

I don't know how important/useful having two lenses is?

Any help/advice would be very welcome!