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    Default Editing Program?

    Hi , newbie question....
    Just bought my first DSLR - Cannon EOS 650, I am a novice at photography. It comes with software -

    Digital Photo Proffessional
    EOS Utility
    Picture Style Editor
    Image Browser Ex

    I am looking for the best photo editing software and was wondering what is generally used by most people? I've had a quick look on Youtube and the Photoshop tutorials look interesting. I used to have Adobe PhotoDeluxe 3.1 many years ago and got on well with the palette & icon setup.

    I wont be getting into editing too deep so early on because I want to just go out there and take photos and get used to the camera and developing my own skills first. But I want to know whats available to me when I do .

    Thanks, and nice forum ! think I'll learn alot here.
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    Hi and welcome the good news is that canon do supply the software you have listed free the EOS utility will down down load the pictures. DPP is a very good free editor and RAW converter. so you say you are good to go. but if you want to go further with editing you will need something like photoshop elements which will do most thing for you in one program. go for ver 9 or above as this then includes layer masks

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    Hi welcome to the forum.
    There are a few good photo editing programs. I use Photoshop CS5 and paint shop pro X4 ultimate, if your not getting too deep, look at Gimp it a good program and it's free

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    Adobe Photoshop is the de facto choice of professionals, but for consumer use their amateur version, Photoshop Elements offers 80% of the same functionality for about a tenth of the price - ie around 70. Paint Shop Pro is a good second choice.

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    Well, if you do not want to pay for software, try GIMP first, it's free, and it is very similar to Photoshop, if you're skilled enough with the GIMP, then go for Photoshop, as it is a bit more advanced.


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