I've been doing some research into the Song range, after being impressed with the Camera and video function on my Sony Experia phone.

I mainly use my camera usually for days out, general picture taking and also Videos.
The Question i have for anyone who has a Sony Compact Camera, as I have seen what they can do, and like the panoramic.. sort of sweep pictures they
do which comes out really well, My question is mainly aimed at the Video / Movie mode.

I visited a sony store today to enquire about the cameras, and what features they had... and they didn't really help... and just told me to look at the website
problem is I have no idea what i am looking for.

On the Movie function, what I would like to know, How is the quality of the video i know theres 720p or 1080 ect... but what im looking for is what my phone has which is great for things i do... Which Cameras have the Autofocus... say an object is moving towards you.. will it refocus... as its approaching?

What cameras in the Sony range have this feature? The guy in the Sony shop said... Most of them... which doesn't really help.

Thanks to anyone who can help.