Hello all,

I am looking for some advice as to what camera would be good for primarily taking macro shots. One of my main hobbies is collecting and painting miniature models, and I'm looking for a camera to help show off my results. I've tried searching around for reviews of Macro camera's, but all the information I have found is either really old (2007) or focuses on prices over 500, which is out of my range. Ideally I am looking for around the 200 mark. As I will be taking pictures of my models, the typical setup will be strong lighting (I have built a light box using white card and daylight bulbs), close range, using a tripod and static targets. I am currently having to use my phone's camera to take my shots, and the results are pretty dire. My phone camera does not have a manual focus setting, or a 'macro' mode and so getting the models in focus is an infuriating task.

As a secondary use, I would like to be able to use the camera to take shots at any concerts I go to, which will typically be low light conditions and requiring a bit of optical zoom. I realize asking for a camera that performs well at both strong-light, close-range & low-light, long-range may be asking a lot, but I'm not looking to publish these photos in a magazine or anything - they are just for my own enjoyment. So perhaps a good all-rounder would fit the bill.

Any help you can provide would be most appreciated.