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    Default new photographer help wanted

    i am quite new to photography and would like advice in camera selection
    a good secondhand digital camera would be ideal for what i want to do
    i would prefer a good quality bridge camera that comes with rechargeable battery, a fixed lens with good zoom, good size screen for viewing pictures taken, capable of taking good clear shots with sharp colour that could be printed to a decent size, i would consider any make of camera and i sure there are other features that i should consider

    thanks in advance for any help on offer

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    You don't say why you're looking at secondhand. Is is for budgetary reasons? Bridge cameras are good for those who need a very long zoom (eg for sport or wildlife) though the variety of uses for such lenses is limited. Bridge cameras have compact camera sized sensors, not DSLR sized ones, so image quality is more akin to that of a compact. You say you want to make 'decent sized' prints but don't specify what you mean by that. You should be able to get acceptable images up to A3 from images taken in good light at low ISOs on the more recent models, but where small sensors fall down compared with larger ones is in low light. At ISO 1600 you'll really notice the noise and the older the camera the worse it will be. The cheaper bridge cameras really don't produce very good image quality, especially when you zoom in a lot, so stick with the better models.
    You don't state a budget but most of the Panasonic Lumix FZ models are pretty good, the Fujifilm HS20 / HS30 are okay, and smaller bridge camera like the Nikon P500 and Canon Powershot SX30 / SX40 and SX50 worth a look too at the right price.


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