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    Default macro and bellows and flare

    I used a BPM bellows unit occasionaly with film SLRs, but have just tried with my Olympus D M5, with a Canon FD 50 mm lens on the bellows unit. I use a conservatory as a 'studio'. There is an unacceptable amount of flare visible in the viewfinder, and in the digital files, but I am at a loss as to why it is happening, or how to avoid it. Any ideas would be very welcome.

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    Hi Swinsider welcome to the forum
    Like you I have a BPM bellows set, which was used on and off for macro shots, and I did get more than my fair share of flare, using a Nikon D90 and either a 50 or 35mm lens. I was told to get a compendium lens shade and it would solve the problem. The problem was caused by (apparently) too much light bouncing around in the bellows. However when I looked at the prices of them, some are around 300 I retired the bellows unit and bought a set of Kenko extension tubes. The added bonus to using extension tube is you can use them outside. hope this helps... graham

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    Thanks, graham, for your welcome and the answer, which is helpful. It re-assures me that I am not the only sufferer, and encorages me to keep looking for some control/solution. I had noticed that the problem seemed worse in brighter light [not much sunshine in Cumbria recently] and I had tried an ancient rubber lens-hood, without a full correction. I will keep trying.


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