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    I'm sure this is a repetitive request but I would be grateful for some advice.

    I am currently planning on buying my first SLR and have been reading the posts and reviews.

    I am looking a camera around the 350 -450 mark that I can use for a new arrival, landscapes and sports. I have been reading up on the Nikon 3100, 3200 & 5100 plus some entry level Canons. It has my brain to full capacity and every new piece of info that goes in pushes out a recent piece of knowledge!

    I would like something that I could add to in time if required. I also plan to visit a camera shop to get the feel for the cameras. Any tips on what to look for while trying them out would be great.

    I would be happy with any advice !


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    hi and welcome. My advice is get to that shop and try them out see how they feel are all the controls in the right place and that you like the menu setup. Also remember that when you buy a DSLR you buy into a system so make sure that system fits your needs and dont settle for I will get used to it. good luck

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    I'll do that.

    Thanks for your advice

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    ANy of the cameras you mentioned would suit your needs, it just depends on what your budget and prorities are and which feels best. Most people find they have a natural preference for either Canon or Nikon, but neither is better than the other per se. Here are some questions to think about:
    How important is resolution? If you'll be making fine detailed high resolution big prints the 24MP of the D3200 might be the one to go for.
    If shooting from high and low angles is something you might want to do (and with a baby that's quite likely) then the vari-angle LCD of the Nikon D5100 or Canon EOS 600D would prove useful. For easy access to manual controls the Canon would be best, but if you want a built-in guide to help you understand what the functions do the Nikon's do that better. All can shoot full HD movies, which you'll probably want with a baby, so no worries there. I hope this helps.

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    Thanks Nigel for your post. Very informative and useful.

    I have purchased the D5100. I'm very happy with it and still trying to figure out all the settings etc.

    i'm sure i'll be posting for help again soon !

    thanks again.


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