Currently my husband and I have two digital cameras - a panasonic DMC TZ8 and a sony DSC H20 and I'm trying to work out if its time for an upgrade. I loved my sony until I realised it didn't pick up colours (especially grass) as well as other cameras, and have pretty much switched over to using the panasonic since we go it, but I can't help but be bugged by the difficulty of picking up real-life lighting, instead everything tends to get blended.
I am looking at advanced compact cameras (will having manual options allow me to pick up lighting more accurately? I never ended up using the manual features on my sony though intended to) and want panoramic setting and a manual "macro on" setting would be nice. Price is not as important at this stage because I don't really know the "worth" of new cameras.

I take photos purely for fun, but almost entirely landscapes.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!