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    Cool WDC should I get to make 70s warm film look movies?

    What can I see, this question is not very popular today. What, in fact, I found is just for photo. But I need it for video.
    My ideal of picture is 70s period of Antonioni ( The Passenger, Zabriskie Point, Blow Up).

    Here are some examples:

    Today, faces between professional and amateur cinema are blurring. For example, Canon 7D makes good picture, but it's not quite what I need.

    Please, see, that today we can make old look movies: (it's very cool and looks like what I need) (see, how does Mitsubishi look on 0.33 ))

    What actually do cinema being cinema? Camera + lens filters + depth of field + adobe filters? I am beginner and don't know... But I can see difference between brazilian telenovelas, live broadcast of news, glossy Anna Karenina. But can't explain it in the words. Antonioni's movies are not glossy, they have poor colors and video is as if slow.

    P.S. Please, don't offer Krasnogorsk, it's not digital camera.
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