Right im in the game for a new camera, having just sold my Lumix TZ10.

Looking to start taking a few more fancy shots now, love taking pictures of my cars etc and will also be traveling with the camera and want to get some great shots with nice effect..

Love taking pictures with depth of field etc, and making them look all fancy!

Like I say mainly will be for pics of cars, car shows, and holidays!

I have been doing research all day, and comparing the 2 cameras on sites etc, and they both seem pretty much the same except for size, no viewfinder on the GX1, but a few more little features on the GX1.

I can get the GX1 for 319.99 on Currys which is the cheapest I can find it online, and quite a bargain, or the G3 for 316.99 delivered, which means there is only a couple of pounds difference!

What would you do? Any help is much appreciated!