Good evening folks;

I am going to buy one of the above cameras in the next couple of days; I am planing to use it for general photography but also to make some videos.

I am much inclined for the canon 600d; however I have a problem; it doesn't seem that I could fine a satisfactory alternative for the lens nikkor 35mm 1.8. I would like to have the range of approx 50mm for portraits and video (if we bare in mind the crop factor of these two cameras, then something between 28 and 35mm would be ideal).

The reason why I want a prime is for both price and image quality.

Anyone could give me a hand with this? the canon 50mm 1.8 II would be perfect if I was considering a full frame, but in the crop one is just not wide enough....Sigma 30mm 1.4 and canon EF 35mm 2.0: They are more pricey than the nikkor 35mm and, for what I've read around, it seems that they are not as good.

Any other alternatives? would you go for one camera as oppose to the other for one lens?

Thank you for your assistance guys.