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    I think you get good and bad staff, not only within each retail chain but each individual shop. Those who are knowledgeable and keen to help, and those who think they're too talented and special to be working in a shop - if only the world would recognise their genius. There are also those in specialist shops who look down on those with limited budgets or who don't know much about the subject. I find this not just in camera shops but bike shops, hifi shops and any shops based on hobbies where you get a lot of geeks and know-alls. On the whole I always found the staff in my local Jessops okay.
    Hopefully the recent talk about there being Jessops concessions within the rescued HMV stores will come to fruition so there will still be somewhere specialist for the enthusiast to be able to handle the latest gear.

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    I'd only used Jessops three times before they closed down, Twice in Eastbourne (east sussex), both old and new store, and in York (yorkshire), in two occasions I was able to view, handle and ask questions on the item(s) I was interested in, (the third and unfortunatly last occasion I was after a flash, which they didn't have in stock,........but got with-in 2 days, at a price cheaper than I'd seen advertised anywhere else locally).
    To say I was more than happy with service recieved would be an understatment, and the proof is in the pudding, as they say, and I walked out of the shop with goods on all occasions.
    Lets just hope they return to Eastbourne, as I'm saving hard for the forthcoming Fuju 50-200mm lense, and am more than happy to part with my cash over thier counter.

    (and no, I've never worked for them........hahaha)



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