Hi I`m new to all this but fed up searching and scanning for the right camara for me.
My old Powershot A70 is exhausted and I am looking for a camara. I can operate. NOT a good Amatuer but like to fiddle around with the Dials and M odes. so want a camara with a good Zoom Macro, and viewfinder. not a touch control. not interested in GLS or GLP whateverer. Need to be able to see controls easily as my age finds small gadets difficult. Was looking for possibly a Bridge camara or a good point and shoot, but all the info is too technical.

I want clear pictures and like to crop sections of zoomed landscapes. or take shots of flowers and small objects. So the small Compacts are too small in size for me. But I like the Auto features i.e. Night shots. Panorama Modes. and Video. So was thinking of Bridge Camara with Automatic focusing and Point and Shoot Modes. bujt would like Manual control as well..... My price range is about 150 to 250 range. Dont need a lot of tech data I wont use. B ut want a high ISO without noise. and like Night time exposure with camara shake help.

Anyone with any experiece can you advise. I have been looking a Lumin ex Cannon and Nikon but SO MANY MODELS. Than ks