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    I've been looking through threads and can't quite find the answer to my question. I'm looking for a point and shoot, but with quite a decent amount of manual options for if/when we need it. The key issue for me is having either completely manual, or at least partial manual focus without an interchangeable lens. I'd be willing to look at bridge-types if i can't find what i'm looking for in compact, but want to avoid SLR as their just not practical for my everyday usage...

    Budget between $500-1200.

    Any help most appreciated, thanks in advance..


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    Hi and welcome there are several good cameras with good manual controls, but not sure about the manual focus. canon g15, gx1. panasonic do a few models as do sony and nikon.

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    Most manufacturers now have an enthusiast oriented compact in the ranges now that offer manual controls as well as superior optics and often a slightly larger sensor. All of these, and many other cameras too, feature a manual focus mode but they vary in their implementation. Probably the best manual focus mode is found on the Olympus XZ-2 which has a ring around the lens which you can turn just like a focus ring, using a magnified section of the LCD screen for fine tuning. This ring can also be used to adjust apertures and other parameters depending on what mode you’re in. In addition the XZ-2 features a 4x (28-112mm) optical zoom, a tilting 920k dot LCD panel, a hotshoe and accessory port (into which you can attach a clip on EVF. It costs 479 in the UK, $599 in the US.
    The Sony RX100 also has a ring around the lens that can be used for manual focusing, though it isn't quite so good to use. It does on the other hand boasts a 1 inch sensor and DSLR-like image quality. It costs $650 in the US. Check out the reviews of both cameras on our website.
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