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    Default New to DSLR - Nikon D40

    Hi there,

    For a while now Iíve been thinking about getting a DLSR, mainly because I hate my compact, I think it takes awful photos, so I want to take control a bit. Iíve got a few trips planned over the next year, (Cornwall, Scotland, Istanbul etc.), and want to make the most of the scenery.

    An opportunity has arisen to buy a Nikon D40. I know its 'old' and lacking in specs somewhat, but from my research I feel its possibly a good starting point for me.

    Its £150 and comes with 18-55 kit lens, Lowepro camera case and a spare battery.

    Thatís as much as I paid for a compact for my GF last year...

    What are your thoughts?

    Many Thanks,


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    Hi Pete Welcome to the forum

    For a digital camera the D40 is an old camera, but it is still a very good one, capable of taking great photos. The only downside to this camera is you won't get live view, if you don't use this it's (as I don't) your not missing anything, and it only has 3 focal point in the view finder. I have a D60 , which is around the same age and specs as the D40 and it still takes great photos. If the camera is is good nick and hasn't to many actuations on it, I think it's a good deal. Good luck ... Graham


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