Hi and apologies if this or similar questions have been asked before I am new to the forum!
I have had 'old' SLR cameras before (Pentax) and then switched to digital some years back, having gone through compacts, zooms and bridge cameras never really feeling satisfied with the results I am going to buy a DSLR. The price and specifications now seem much more appealing and I have more time to 'play' with toys!
I currently have a couple of olympus digitals about 5 years old and a slightly newer panasonic lumix which is ok, but I find all of them a bit slow and limited, having to change cameras sometimes to get decent results, none of these cameras is very good for action / sports.
I have done a little research and playing in shops and have decided between the canon EOS 650d and the Nikon D5200, I keep getting pushed towards the EOS650 by salesmen who are admittedly canon fans and havent used a D5200 so they are biased.
We need an all round camera for the family, my wife is involved in crafting & baking so needs flexibility to alter depth of field and macro use while I will use it for sport and general family & landscape stuff.
My budget is flexible at around 500 plus for a camera (basic kit) and I can spend another 250 or so on a telephoto lens to get us under way hence my choice of the above.
I have seen the canon EOS650D for around 450 with 18-55 lens and the Nikon 5200 for 600 so both on budget.
any input very welcome!
I am not complete novice but will need to re-learn a lot due to the lazy compacts I have been using so want something I can use straight away but 'grow' with also.
thank you!