I want to buy a camera which offers super zoom high speed movies and slow motion movies and provide a long battery life or i can buy 2 more batteries but i am so much confused in starting i thought of buying Sony DSC-HX200v so i went to the store to take a look there salesman showed me Canon Power-shot SX50-HS i was really impressed with canon so i decided that i will compare these two and buy one of them but when i am comparing these two the problem is 200v have 3D and manual focus so if i go for that i will loose highest zoom available with sx50 that is 200x and i was thinking and i read that battery of sx50 is not good and there is one more thing i wanted in my camera that it should have more and more additional features that i think is offered by both the cameras but i saw a video on YouTube showing review of 200v said that 200v have so many additional effects/functions to play with photography but FUJIFILM AND PANASONIC provide far better function/effects than any other camera so i again searched and found 3 more cameras Nikon Coolpix P510, Fujifilm HS25EXR and Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ60
and i found that fujifilm and panasonic provides dozens of extra functions so friends please suggest me best camera that i can afford in $600 and the best tripod that will suit with that camera in $60

So, Now the thing is
I want to buy a camera with which i can do creative photography with Additional Functions
and take far away photos with high zoom and get a good battery life

Right Now i have Canon 1100D and Sony 10V

and i want to know that is there and software provided by the company to view 3D photos in normal notebooks or they are only supported in 3D televisions

please Guys share your thoughts and help me i am planning to buy it next month