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    Hi all, new to the forum but not to photography. I'm looking to step up from bridge camera to DSLR, and would appreciate answers to these questions (a) should I bother, and (b) which of these is best?

    First, I like taking photos but I never post-process and I don't really have a full grasp of technical knowledge. I bought a Fuji 2100HD bridge camera when my trusty Canon powershot A95 broke, and it's been ok so far - taken some nice closeups, the odd blurry river shot, blurry background portrait and fast-frame fountain shots. But it feels as a bit limiting, and I dislike the way it zooms only in fixed stages. Plus, I don't really get good shots indoors.

    So, (a) do I bother upgrading to a DSLR, or just learn to use my Fuji better?

    And (b) if I do upgrade, what do I buy? Choice seems to be Nikon or Canon, basically going by what reviews I've read and what's on offer at Jessops etc. Although I did see that your DSLR of the month last month was the pentax K-30... My choice sems to be Nikon D3100 /3200 / 5100 / 90, or Canon 550d / 600d, all with 18-55 kit lenses except the 5100 and 90 that can come with 18-105 mm lenses.

    I want to not bother with changing lenses if I have to, so one that does the closeup and zoom job would be nice. I would like to be able to zoom across a school hall to snap the kids performing, take family shots on holiday and indoors, do the odd arty closeup and portrait if possible, and snap the kids running around at top speed.

    Any advice? Are kit lenses pretty crpa? I'm not averse to buying body only and getting lens separate if that's better option. Help gratefully received!! Otherwise I'm going to get so sick of reading reviews that I'll not bother at all.


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    hi and welcome. you may have answered your own questions if you get a DSLR then to get the best results you will have to change lenses. in short theres not a one does all that will give constant results. so if you are thinking of moving to a DSLR thats the first bridge to cross

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    Hi Fingers Welcome to the forum.

    You have sort of answered your own question. If you are thinking on upgrading to a DSLR and don't want to be bothered changing lenses, you should be looking at a camera body, with a good zoom , something like a Tamron 18-270 or a Nikon 18- 300. Kit lenses like the 18-55 are all good lenses they are quite wide but don't have much zoom

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    ...hi there..have you thought of hiring one to see if you might like to pursue this further? Paul

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    yeah,i agree, you may have answered your own questions if you get a DSLR then to get the best results you will have to change lenses.

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    Hello fingers, I find myself a little like you.

    I would like a decent camera that will give nice sharp photos but which can be used for everything without too much hassle(x amount of lenses). Basically, point and shoot but which will give me good sharp images. From my experience the Fuji HS20 EXR can't do this.

    As you maybe saw I am bitterly disappointed with the Fuji HS20. The research I've been doing seems to point towards a Canon Powershot SX40 bridge camera but what I would like to know is if that's an improvement on the Fuji. The reviews I've read do put the Canon SX40 ahead of the HS20. The Nikon P510 also comes out well but the Canon seems to have the edge in the reviews I've read.

    I have read a lot of comments where people who were using a DSLR with all the kit have actually moved to a bridge camera because it's a "one stop shop" and saves lugging all the DSLR kit around but still gives great pictures.

    Decisions, decisions......
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