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    Default Full frame, AA filters and the future

    Hi all!

    I am not an experienced photographer, but since I follow with great interest the war of the manufacturers for the future of the cameras, I just wonder what it may be...

    There is always the belief that big sensors are better, so if someone wants the best, one goes for full frame or even medium format...

    On the other hand you have Fuji that has the brilliant idea of removing the anti-alising filter, creating a brilliant APS-C sensor, which seems much better from that of its little brother on the X100.

    In the same time, Nikon and Pentax follow, producing the same models with and without AA filters, but, from the tests and the reviews that I have read, the difference doesn't seem so big...

    so I wonder if there is another secret behind the success of the TRANS-sensor o fuji

    and then you have lytro, that comes up with something really revolutionary, but noone from the bigs seems to bother...

    And I wonder...what kind of camera will prevail?? A high-tech APS Leica-type camera with fast electronics doing everything???

    The end of reflex cameras is near???

    Do lightfield cameras have a brilliant future, or is it in the human nature that people like to focus when in action???

    I just wanted to share all these thoughts with you...

    Take care,


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    I forgot to tell you that i own a nikon d3200, which I find very cool, but I want something bigger, and that's how all this philosophy began...


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