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    Question newbie with d3100

    having bought a d3100 i thought i would buy some better lenses so i bought a Tamron SP 500mm f/8 Lens with adaptall 2 nikon fit i connected the lens to camera but it says lens not connected this was in auto so i switched to manual and tried to set the f stop to 8 but it would'nt let me now the person i bought it off had a d5000 i'm wondering if its the wrong adapter for my camera .......any suggestions would be welcome.......cheers...

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    cant say for certain but the adaptor may not have the proper connections so may have to use it manually

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    iv'e had it in manual and it won't let me set aperture or shutter speed ,it lets you focus with it but when you take the shot its just a black screen no pic taken.......

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    I also have a tamron adaptall lens mine is a 28mm. If your lens worked ok on a D5000 it will certainly work on a D3100. Set your mode dial to M then set your aperture on the lens, then it's just a matter of working your exposure time till you get an image

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    It won't let me set aperture I press the plus and minus button and turn wheel but nothin happens??

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    The aperture should be on your lens. Because this is a manual lens the camera wont recognise it

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    I just Googled your 500mm mirror lens. Under the Tamron 500mm 1:8 (on the lens) you will see a lot of small numbers these numbers are your aperture for talking sake move it to 5.6 look for a green dot below the aperture numbers. On the camera to the right of the flash you will see a wheel with M.A.S.P. line it up to M, then take a shot, If the photo is too dark wait till the dark photo goes away then press the ? button once then move the control button to the left this will make the photo lighter
    you may have to do this a few times till your happy. If it's too light just move the control button to the right. Hope this helps... Graham

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    i will give this ago ,thankyou for your time and effort to help me....

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    No problem any problems let me know

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    worked a treat thankyou again.......


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