I used to open raw files from a D200 in PhotoShop Elements 6 .My PC has 4GB of RAM and was handling the files w/o any trouble.Then a few months ago,it started slowing down or freeze completely while performing some tasks,including opening raw files. My hard drive is only half-full. I did 3 things at this point:
1- I deleted all the pictures from Photoshop and the hard-drive
2- I un-installed Elements 6
3- I used a software that detected a lot of "errors" and fixed them (!!)::confused
After , I proceeded to re-install Elements 6 , up-loaded the pictures back in the PC. Results:
I still could open the raw files from the D200 , but the "Organizer" was showing a lot of "pictures"that seemed to come from a lot of other files that were sharing the hard-drive.
When I replaced the D200 with a D300,Elements6 refused to open the Raw files , although I updated my Adobe Camera Raw download.
Was my copy of Elements 6 corrupted? Is it possible.
I am contemplating getting rid of Windows Vista and buying Elements 8.Would this solve my problem?