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    Default Deciding what Camera to buy

    Im wanting a Camera that wil take quick shots of the family, currently have a samsung WB600, but I find that it takes a coupe of seconds at least to capture the shot, not good with children. Ive been looking at the Canon Powershot SX500, Its light to hold got a good zoom and Lithium Battery, which I like and the price is what I was wantng to pay. I just need a reasonable camera that is easy and quick to use. Isthis suitable or is there anything else out there that I should be looking at.

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    Hi and welcome.

    For shooting indoor subjects without flash you need to Pre Focus to save shutter lag. You point your camera in the general direction of the subjects, press the shutter half way, then follow them and press the shutter all the way.

    The reason is the very small sensors used in today's compacts and the Canon you mention.

    You have to decide whether indoor shooting with less zoom of say 3 to 4 x is more important than say 26x in daylight.

    The Canon and other well known brands use the 1/2.3" sensor which is very small compared to 35mm film size.

    Read this to see what I mean.
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