Hi folks. I am looking at getting a m4/3 camera as a backup/lighter weight one to my DSLR. I've read around quite a few websites in the past week or so and I'm heading towards a Gx1 I think (though happy to hear other views!) because of a combination of size/quality/reviews. Sadly I'm not in OM territory.

However what is far less clear to me is what lens to team it with and I've not found any really good sites so far to help with this. A natural distrust of kit lens started me thinking and the new small 14-42 lens does seem to have some quality issues even if the size is attractive. I'm quite tempted with the older 14-42 however the 14-45 lens seems to get better reviews and I'd prefer the best quality of images available for my bucks. I realise there is a price hit however Panasonic are currently offering 50 cash back deals so if I bought the lens and the body I would actually get 2x cash back which would help.

Thoughts/pointers much appreciated - TIA