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    Hi there

    I Need Memory card for the WB750 should i be looking to get A Ultra SDHC Card? Does it matter which class no i pick?

    Also I need one for DSLR Nikon D3100 Would I look for an Extreme SDHC Card for that?

    Sorry for questions just all new to me these class 10 etc.



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    Hi Claire

    I use Transcend in my cameras - Sony say class 4 is good enough for their cameras and they have the best video. However, class 10 is with us and it's cheap. So might as well buy it lol Always carry two cards and always check photos in playback before leaving a scene.

    I see you went with the Samsung WB750 in the end. Let us know how you get on - I know about the Nikon D3100

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    Hi Chris, will do. I don't think much in WB750 or WB150. Just Jessops had 1 of the WB750 left to collect from store it should be in Thurs just waiting for confirmation both same price. Do I need get Ultra or Extreme version cards? Also any good deals on camera bags? Thanks again will post how get on :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by claireb View Post
    . Do I need get Ultra or Extreme version cards? Also any good deals on camera bags?
    I gave you a link to the cards I use. But in the end (as they are all around the same price), it won't make any difference to your cameras. As for bags. I like Lowepro, but you really need to get your gear together and then go to a camera shop and find one that's easy to open, has the right amount of compartments for now and in the future (you may get a few more lenses so think ahead), waterproof and comfortable to wear. If shooting in bad weather then get something like this rain cover for your camera


    PS. I've changed my post because I said initially that I would only use Ultra or Extreme version cards for professional use such as weddings. But it was the SanDisk Extreme Pro I was referring to due to its reliability more than its speed...
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