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    Hi I have a Minolta Dynax 505si 35mm film camera with some good lenses. I was told that these lenses would fit a Sony DSLR camera and wondered if people could advise on whether this is true and in which case, what model would be the best equivalent?

    Many thanks, Emily

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    Hi Emily,

    That's correct - Sony brought up the Konica Minolta camera division in 2006 and retained the Minolta lens mount with their Sony Alpha DSLRs, so you should have no problems with your lenses fitting and functioning on a Sony camera. Remember though that as the sensor used is slightly smaller than film, you'll need to apply a 1.5x crop factor to your lenses. For example, a 28mm lens would have a focal length equivalent of 42mm on a DSLR with an APS-C sensor.

    If you're looking to get a Sony DSLR, its worth bearing in mind that all their models are now based around Sony's translucent mirror technology. This sees a fixed translucent mirror installed instead of a moving mirror, so they're often referred to as SLTs. This improves the camera's shooting burst mode, as well as AF performance - especially when the subject moves towards your or while composing using the rear screen. It does mean that instead of an optical viewfinder, an electronic equivalent is used instead, which isn't to everyone's taste.

    There are some decent Sony SLTs to choose from, but our choice for you would be the Alpha 57 for around 549. With a 16.1MP sensor, fast AF, 12fps and HD video, its one of the best options at this price point.


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