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    Why can I not take a decent indoor photo with my Canon Power Shot SX230. Had the camera 9 mths. Not taken a shot that the colour is good. outdoors is great.

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    The problem lies with the very small sensor that is no bigger than your fingernail. It needs a lot of light to work well. The only answer indoors is to NOT use any zoom and crop the centre of the image.

    In the end you need something like this to work indoors.

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    Hi Brownie,

    Shooting indoors can be tricky. If you're not using flash and have the camera set to Auto White Balance, images can look a touch orange/warm. The quickest and easiest way to resolve this is to change the white balance to either Tungsten or Fluorescent depending on the lighting type you're shooting under. This will give a much more neutral shot.

    In these conditions, if you're not using a flash indoors, compacts can struggle due to the high ISO required and the small sensors they employ. If you can use a tripod or revert to using flash.


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