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    Smile S9600 main LCD cracked - display white.

    This S9600 of ours is a cracking camera, we love the pictures it takes.

    Trouble is, it's not the only thing cracking after I accidentally bashed the LCD with my knee. It's just displaying white with some leakage (which I know to avoid touching!).
    Fortunately the glass is held together with the protector I put on when we first bought it.

    Sure, the eyepiece viewfinder still works, but the tilting viewfinder was great.

    Been trying to find a new LCD for about a month. I bought one of these becuase while it's now listed correctly, it was originally listed as "Fuji Finepix S9100 S9600 LCD" which it wasn't, it was just the glass. Seller was OK about return and has corrected listing since.

    Then there's this: described as "High Quality LCD screen with good price".
    Depends on your definition of "good price" - it's currently listed at 999.99 + 5.95 postage!
    Dammit, if only the postage weren't such a rip-off I'd have bought a couple...

    Back in the real world, Fujifilm official repair have offered to replace the LCD for 70, or take the camera and give me between 35 and 100 off a new camera.
    The trouble is, that just makes their offer the same as buying from any discount camera outlet.

    If I could get a display like the 999 one above for a more reasonable 20 which it looks like they were once available for on ebay, then that'd be great. But currently I can't find any listing that shows either active, or in stock or available from other sources.

    Won't post any more links to show my workings because I think 2 links is the limit for most forums, but trust me, I've done a fair bit of googling! Perhaps I've missed something?

    I did try alternative numbers within the S9X00 range but then I started reading in reviews that the rear LCD display size varies within the range.

    Any tips, hints or ideas appreciated!

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    You could try one of those workshops who repair all sorts of electronics. If you can find one ask them, maybe they have a solution or an idea for you!

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    hi i have to be realistic here and say you may be better off looking for a new camera. i would say that the s9600 is around 6 years old and depending how much use it gets something else could go. I did see one on ebay 129

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