my job is as a 3d graphic artist for a games company, and I need a camera for that one specific purpose - creating textures to use on 3d models.

The main thing I need is sharpness of image - typically I will take photos of source material (eg a wall, road surface etc..) at around 4 to 8m away, not using any zoom, or close up shots for details at about 1m.

For my job the images need to be of a resolution of perhaps 6000 to 8000 pixels wide, as typically the images will be cropped, edited in Photoshop etc... to produce textures at either 4096 x 4096 or 2048 x 2048.

I currently have a FujiFilm camera and, while it has plenty of options, in the end their compression algorithm seems to produce a sort of swirly pattern when you get to a pixel level, so sharp details are smudged a bit into this specific pattern.

Ideally I would prefer a small portable as I tend to gather reference material whenever I'm out and about so I don't want to carry around anything larger, and I'm not looking to spend lots of money on features that will never get used - clarity of image at a good size is the only thing that matters.

Can anyone recommend a camera I could try?