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    Default Slight Overexposure On Foreground


    I took a lovely photograph yestaday of the "BRECON TO MONMOUTHSHIRE CANAL" unfortunately i had a slight spike in the exposure on the right hand side of the HISTORGRAM.
    This reulted in the grass in the foreground being slightly overexposed.
    Is there a way of correcting this without affecting other parts of the photograph, iv'e tried using a "DODGE & BURN" layer, burning the effected area, however, no success has been notice.

    Kind Regards

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    there is a few ways to do this it would help if you put it on the site for us to see... graham

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    Default Hi Graham

    How is that done Graham?

    Kind Regards

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    Hi Gary
    Resize your photo make it smaller then go gallery your photo sounds like it is a landscape so click on landscapes then click upload a box will appear select your photo, then follow the promps... Graham

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    Default Posted Photograph

    Hi Graham,

    Posted photograph in Gallery. Had to go as low as 1 in quality to get it to load. My problem area is the first bright area where the sun is hitting the fence and grass.
    God the photo looks poor on here , so i hope you understand my concerns.

    Kind Regards

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    was the picture taken in jpg or raw

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    Hi Gary I saw your photo and know what you mean
    open your photo and duplicate your layer this is the layer you will be working on.
    select your lasso tool and make a selection round the light parts of the grass
    Now go select- modify- feather. in the feather rabus box type in 75 or there abouts and click ok
    now go image- adjustments- levels(short cut press ctrl L at the same time) , a box will appear
    under the histogram you will see 3 sliders one black, one grey and one white
    now move the grey slide to the right until your happy, don't move the black or white sliders they will make it look unnatural, then flatten your image and it's done. any problems with it just let me know... Graham
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    Default Hi Wave

    It was shot in Raw and converted to Jpeg.

    Kind Regards

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    Default Hi Graham

    Thanks for advice will have a look tonight, going to delete photo now as it looks awful.

    Kind Regards

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    Once it's been edited put it on and lets see it


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