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    Default Slight Overexposure On Foreground


    I took a lovely photograph yestaday of the "BRECON TO MONMOUTHSHIRE CANAL" unfortunately i had a slight spike in the exposure on the right hand side of the HISTORGRAM.
    This reulted in the grass in the foreground being slightly overexposed.
    Is there a way of correcting this without affecting other parts of the photograph, iv'e tried using a "DODGE & BURN" layer, burning the effected area, however, no success has been notice.

    Kind Regards

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    there is a few ways to do this it would help if you put it on the site for us to see... graham

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    Default Hi Graham

    How is that done Graham?

    Kind Regards

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    Hi Gary
    Resize your photo make it smaller then go gallery your photo sounds like it is a landscape so click on landscapes then click upload a box will appear select your photo, then follow the promps... Graham

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    Default Posted Photograph

    Hi Graham,

    Posted photograph in Gallery. Had to go as low as 1 in quality to get it to load. My problem area is the first bright area where the sun is hitting the fence and grass.
    God the photo looks poor on here , so i hope you understand my concerns.

    Kind Regards

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    was the picture taken in jpg or raw


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