Hi all,
I'm new to the Forum, though not to photography, having started in the days of the Zenith-E and Lubitel!
A couple of years ago I bought a Canon EOS 1000D. I know this model is thought of as an entry-level DSLR, but it represented a substantial investment for me, and I hoped to be using it for many years to come.
It was always treated with the greatest care and attention, properly stored and used only with Canon accessories, and to be honest it was very little used as I had a compact for everyday use.
Imagine my horror, then, when the Canon's LCD died in the middle of a session, for no apparent reason. The camera hadn't been dropped, knocked or otherwise abused - it was just working one moment, and the next moment - phut.
Of course, the camera wasn't in warranty, so I was charged 150 for a repair by Canon's service agent.
Wondering whether this sort of failure was common, I spoke to a very pleasant and chatty lady in Canon's marketing department, whose attitude was, to put it bluntly, 'tough luck.'
I'm continuing to use the repaired Canon EOS 1000D, but my faith in Canon has been severely shaken.
So my questions to forum members would be - have you experienced a similar failure on this model or any other DSLR, after such little use and good care? And should I have expected different treatment from Canon, or am I being unrealistic in my expectations for the reliability of DSLRs?