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    Default Camera to photograph artwork.


    If anyone can give me any advice that would be great.

    I'm an artist/illustrator and I am looking for a good quality camera for photographing my work, mainly my slightly 3d collage pieces. I need something that will keep the picture clear and sharp and capture the exact colours of the work. A few of my friends have DLR's and recommend them highly, but there is such a selection I don't know which would be best to go for or if, in fact, that is the best type of camera to go for.

    I'm not very technical so please keep that in mind when replying!

    Thanks for any help!

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    Hi welcome to the forum
    A few questions What is your approx. budget? and roughly what size is your artwork?... graham

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    Thanks Graham!

    To be honest the lower in price the better but probably up to about 600? My artwork varies in size but the largest is usually around A2 size.

    Thanks for your help!

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    Rather than buying a camera have you considered an A3 scanner where you can scan them in then stitch them together

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    A scanner is no good, as I said, some of the work is slightly 3d and I can't capture that with a scanner.

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    The camera part will be easy enough for example a Nikon 3100 with a 40mm macro or a 35mm prime will do , your main concern will be a lighting system

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    As I said, a scanner doesn't work. The work is slightly 3d and I can't get a sense of that with a scanner.
    Plus as the work is 3d it can't be stitched back together as the light hits it at different angles when rescanning it making it slightly different colours. Therefore a line will be left on the picture.

    I do have and use a scanner but having tried lots of things I know the best way to capture my collage work to send to clients etc is a good quality camera.

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    Quote Originally Posted by graham_c View Post
    The camera part will be easy enough for example a Nikon 3100 with a 40mm macro or a 35mm prime will do , your main concern will be a lighting system
    Great thank you Graham. I'll look into that. I was thinking something like that but not being an expert I wanted to check what was the best type etc.
    I plan to rig up lighting in my studio. I've got a reasonable idea of what I need for lighting... I think! x

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    As has been suggested, lighting is critical here in faithfully reproducing original art, not necessarily the camera. A decent high-end compact can capture what's in front of it as well as a low-end dSLR providing the subject is well lit.
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    Thankyou. Is there any specific way/equipment for lighting that you suggest? I'm hopeful that I can do it but open to suggestions!


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