Hello Camera enthusiasts/experts

There are so many cameras out there, and lot of technology terms involved that I am not able to decide on the right camera.

I am looking for a DSLR for upto or about 700$.
I would also like to have the necessary lenses included in this price.

For e.g
NIKON D3200 Kit, AF-S VR 18-55mm II, Schwarz (VBA330K002) : 619$
NIKON D3200 Kit, AF-S VR 18-105mm, Rot (VBA331K005) : 798$
NIKON D3200 Kit, AF-S VR 18-55mm + 55-200mm, Schwarz (VBA330K003): 878$
I am based in switzerland, and so the prices are local to switzerland.

I am not any Nikon Fan. I am very much open to Canon or other models. I just gave the above examples, because the different prices with varying lens options.. all this made it even more difficult for me to make choice.

Is it good to buy a less priced camera body and more lenses?
Or is it ok to buy a high priced camera body, and then just 1 lens (to make it fit in my budget)?

Can someone help me out streamline my thought process and to arrive on a good decision?

Thank you,