Bit of a novice after your views...

I've had my D3000 for a couple of years now and after venturing off the auto setting a few times am thinking of selling up and upgrading.

Looking at the D3200 5100 and 7000 models and its basically down to the 5100 or the 7000.

Does anyone know what the typical life-cycle is for the consumer camera range is. I don't want to repeat what I did with the D3000 after buying the 3100 was released shortly after... the 7000 has been out for a while surely its due a refresh.... especially if they are going to hike up the MP from 16 to much higher which seems a logical step or even better add the hinged display from the 5100 onto the 7000.... (although doing that may make the camera's too similar)

So I am still undecided between the 5100 and 7000, the two features I am pondering over are the hinged display Vs the 39 af points. but don't want to take the plunge to find out 3-6 months down the line they just upgraded the range and have increased the MP...