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    Default upgrade advice Nikon lifecycle D5100 Vs D7000


    Bit of a novice after your views...

    I've had my D3000 for a couple of years now and after venturing off the auto setting a few times am thinking of selling up and upgrading.

    Looking at the D3200 5100 and 7000 models and its basically down to the 5100 or the 7000.

    Does anyone know what the typical life-cycle is for the consumer camera range is. I don't want to repeat what I did with the D3000 after buying the 3100 was released shortly after... the 7000 has been out for a while surely its due a refresh.... especially if they are going to hike up the MP from 16 to much higher which seems a logical step or even better add the hinged display from the 5100 onto the 7000.... (although doing that may make the camera's too similar)

    So I am still undecided between the 5100 and 7000, the two features I am pondering over are the hinged display Vs the 39 af points. but don't want to take the plunge to find out 3-6 months down the line they just upgraded the range and have increased the MP...


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    Default responce from Nikon

    I emailed Nikon about a model upgrade to the D7000 and got this...

    Dear Stephen,

    Thank you for your email.

    Thank you for using the Nikon European Support Centre and your query regarding a follow up model for the D7000. I am afraid that Nikon cannot make any specific comment about future products, including any plans for official announcements or specifications of these products, in this case a model upgrade of the D7000.

    I am sorry that we cannot give you any further information at this point and I would like to advise you to keep an eye on our website for new updates and announcements regarding our products. When information is available on any new products it will be made available in the News section of our European websites home page. Please refer to the link below

    If you have any other queries, do not hesitate to contact us again.

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    from your post sevral things come to mind. one do you need to upgrade, two life cycles then look at 2-3 years that said you can still get a d90. third what do you take pictures of and what lenses do you have now

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    Default Hi

    Hi Wave

    Thanks for taking the time to respond to my query.

    The main topic of my photography is my very young and active four kids. I am thinking of upgrading to try and eek out better quality photos of the kids when we are out and about. I have two lenses the kit lens that came with the camera AF-S NIKKOR 18-55 and a TAMRON AF 70-300.

    I have read a couple of posts now and most seem to be of the opinion that lenses should be invested in over the camera its self and your response has prompted me to have a look around at different lenses and have had a look at the offerings from Tamron Sigma and Nikon 18-270 / 18-250 and 18 -300. I am thinking that that would meet my needs but I am not sure on the difference these would make over the 70-300 I currently own in terms of image enhancement. I am probably being a little naive here.... The other cheaper option I guess would be the NIKKOR 18-200

    I do find this a little frustrating as I often find my self changing lenses on the fly when out walking. as the kids can often be in that middle ground area - just too close or a bit too far...(if only they'd stay still for a second or two!!!!)

    The main rationale for changing the camera is to take advantage of the better quality image that the 5100 and 7000 are meant to produce even over the D3200 at 24Mp and quite like some of the features on the two camera's
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    first let me say i am not a fan of a one lens does all. i would go to shop with a card and try both out and then decide

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    Default Quality

    There is no substitute for quality !
    If i was you, and obviously not knowing the budget - i would go for the Nikon 18-200 as your walk about lens and add the 50mm F1.8 to the kit to.
    The F1.8 will give you a lot of control of your type of blurred backgrounds etc.
    The 18-200 vr is a sound lens and of course it has a bit of distortion but all high power zooms have distortion.

    The Nikon 18-200 vr is a quality zoom and will serve you fine. Coupled with a D7000 over the 5100 would be my choice if the budget allows this.

    Hope this helps

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    depend your budget..bro

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    Default thanks

    Guys, thanks for the input, I do have limited budget so this is where the compromise starts !!!

    I suspect Ill end up with a combination of the 18-200 coupled with the D7000.

    Think wave has the right idea - get into a shop and check them out....

    out of interest has anyone done their own comparisons between NIKKOR Vs Tamron or Sigma. is there a big difference to these perhaps I should start a different thread on that...

    I must say that I am quite disapointed that Nikon dont have a roadmap for their kit. I have posted the same question on a couple of other forums to see what the word on the street is regarding any impending model/spec upgrades for the 51 and 7000, one guy mentioned that the sensors are supplied by sony and they have no shipped any upgrades. I wonder about that seeing as the D3200 has 24Mp capability...

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