I am looking to replace the Olympus MJU 500 digital camera I recently lost. I use it for my work, I am a building surveyor/contracts manager for a general building contractor so I take lots of photos of the exterior and interior of buildings.

I only need something simple as I only really used one setting on my previous camera although I did use the zoom function a fair bit and often I had to override the flash function but thats about all I did with it . The MJU 500 also had quite a big viewing screen which was handy. However, I know that it didnt bounce very well as I dropped it regularily, so something a bit tougher would be good.

I usually take a lot of photos which then get uploaded to my PC. The MJU 500 was only 5.0 mega pixels. A few more pixels would be helpful but not too many if this is likely to quickly fill space on my PC???

My budget is 150.