At present I have a Fuji S5700 (10 optical zoom, 7 megapixels). But I want to get another camera with 24+ optical zoom and 14+ megapixels.

I want to use it for all sorts!!!! Photos of wildlife (hence the large zoom), family pics ( with the possibility of doing extra large prints (hence the highish megapixels) - but also good in low light indoor conditions (kids plays at school).

I like my existing Fuji - but it's not too good in low light conditions and isnt man enough when out bird watching and trying to get snaps of birds.

Not too bothered whether it is a bridging camera or compact but prefer battery powered and do need a viewfinder (I do find it much easier to get a good photo by using a viewfinder).

Problem is I've only got a max of 150. Did see the Fuji s4500 - but one of the reviews said that it wasnt good in low light.

Could some kind soul point me in the right direction please?