Hi all,

My current camera is a Sony T9 which I need to replace. I loved it,... the size and the fact you could shoot short videos but now it's seen better days and I need a new one I am a bit bewildered by the array of not only indivual camera but the types of cameras too! I'd like it to do a bit more. For example the video would never work in any sort of vaguely dim light. The zoom was x3 so not amazing either.

I don't think I want a SLR as I think it will be too complicated, too expensive and too big. Maybe for the future. I don't need it to be tiny either. It wouldnt be a camera to just slip into handbag on a daily basis like I have done with the Sony, It would have more specific uses that wouldnt require me carrying it around all the time...

Sort of things I would use it for are wildlife.. so may be at some distance (I realise I can't get good shots unless I get SLR with lenses but I have to compromise). Also photographing/videoing dancers which would be in relatively dim light. Again I don't expect miracles in dim light but would be nice to actually recognise a person rather than the video be totally black!

I don't know what I would need to get to fit the above requirements but ideally 200-300 would be good! Any idea if this is a reasonable amount? I am totally clueless as to what I need to buy.

Many thanks