Firstly apologies for what will no doubt be a similar message to many that are posted.
Am looking at purchasing a bridge camera, Really liked the look of the Fuji Hs30 (even downloaded the operating instructions) but have read one too many reviews and am seeing more issues (freezing, poor video).
Switched allegiance to the Sony DX200 and again some reviews are pretty negative, appreciate every camera will have issues and DSLR's are best but I did have one and didnt get away with it (namely lugging a big bag with 2-3 lenses around) so thought a bridge would be ideal.
Holidays, pics and vid of the dogs, general kind of usage nothing to excessive and ideally using the Apple camera adaptor attach to IPad for instant downloading of pictures as thats always in my bag.
Anybody any suggestions ?? appreciate any help even at this stage if another camera may be a better option ard the 300 mark cant stretch slightly if warranted.
Thanks, Rob