Hi there,

I'm new to this forum and looking for some advice on a new lens.

I've had my Nikon D90 for a few years now, and I'm bored of the standard 18-105mm zoom lens that came bundled with the camera. So I am looking at getting a new lens; I think a 35mm fixed focal length.

I tried a few fixed lenses in a shop: the 50mm ones seemed like a very tight crop which I can imagine would get annoying. I mostly shoot things around London, street-scenes, architecture, that sort of thing. So I don't want to have to continually 'walk backwards' away from my subject to get the right crop.

Also the appeal of both these lenses is that they go to f1.8 which gives that amazing shallow depth of field, a technique I really like.

So if I go for a Nikon 35mm lens, it seems the only real choice is this one:

As I don't really want to spend much more than the 100-200 mark.

So just thought I'd see if anyone has any recommendations. Is this a good lens to go for? It seemed pretty cool in the shop but I don't have much experience with different lenses as I've only ever used the 'default' option.

Also, the next 'step up' in terms of Nikon 35mm lenses is a huge jump in money. What does that extra cash get you? I notice some of them stop-down to f1.4. Is that much of a difference to f1.8? They didn't have any other lenses in the shop I went to, so I have only tried the basic Nikon 35mm and 50mm lenses.

Thanks for any help!!