Hi all!
I'm new here, so short intro:
I'm Kaelia, i'm (almost) 27, i live in Belgium; i *love* nature and wildlife, and that's also my main attraction photography-wise (natural landscapes, macro bug/plant shots or bird close-ups, action shots of flying birds.... i have pet birds to help me practice ^^)

So, my reason for signing up here: both my cameras i've had for ages have recently died, so i need a new one (well, i've had both for, i think, about 6-7 years, so it's understandable they ended up dying...)

what i previously had:
- a 'bridge' camera (Kodak EasyShare P850)
- a 'compact' camera (Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX30)
((side note: i was Really happy with the lumix! and everyone i know who has one of that series is too. great little cameras!))

what i used them for:
- the lumix was pretty much always in my bag or pocket! on a daily basis, whenever i'd see something i wanted to remember, found pretty, needed a reminder of (bus schedules for example ^^). "tourist" photography, lol. also for macro shots, as it was pretty good at those!.
- the kodak, being bulkier, i would pretty much only take along to "photo excursions" (spending the day at the zoo or bird park, going out for a walk after fresh snow, that kind of thing). took good pics, but in the last years, started "lagging" - would take too long recording the pics, or getting ready to take some, to be useful. i did get to take some cool close-ups of snow crystals though

what i mostly photograph:
- animals, especially birds. both in action (flying!), and close up. lots of bug/flower macros too. love playing with field depth (blurry backgrounds or foregrounds). for the animals, i avoid using any Flash (they don't like it) and i have the Burst mode activated almost continuously ^^
- sometimes landscapes
- point-n-click "tourist" shots (not as important)

what (i think) i absolutely need:
- small size (compact)
- a good macro mode
- a fast-reacting camera
- burst mode!
- hopefully, will last me years of intensive use, like my last 2 cameras did
- NOT a touchscreen. just don't like those things.

i would of course *love* to get both a nice compact, and a good reflex camera; but as my budget doesn't allow that at this moment, i was wondering if there was anything interesting out there that could be a nice compromise (i've heard of some new compacts, that you can add big lenses to? potentially interesting?)
my budget i would say is about 300$, but feel free to suggest above that range, as i would have some leeway if the "perfect camera" pops up...

looking forward to your suggestions!

Thanks in advance for your help!! <3