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    Default Best Compact Camera

    I have read lots of reviews and websites. I am looking for a small lightweight camera with similar functions and image quality of my DSLR. I do a lot of walking and don't want to carry around heavy kit but I do like to photograph landscapes while walking but the camera would need to be capable in other areas too. I like to take multiple exposures for HDR. I am unsure of whether there is really any great difference between APS-C and 4/3.

    I am hoping for some ideas as to what camera to go for. My previous kit was a Canon 40d.

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    Take a look at the new canon g15

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    Hi and welcome.
    I am unsure of whether there is really any great difference between APS-C and 4/3.
    There is not a lot of difference between the two like there is between full frame and APS-C. But it may be enough if you print A3 and above.

    As for a compact camera, well, there are so many. I did answer a post on the AP forums with regards larger sensors and viewfinders. The list was: Sony Alpha NEX-6 - Sony Alpha NEX-7 - Fujifilm X-E1 - Fujifilm X-Pro1 - Nikon 1 V1.

    The problem is that a lot of control is in the menus, rather than with buttons & knobs as on a DSLR. If you want a compact with a viewfinder. Check out the list above for a start. Then go and actually have a play with them to see what you think.

    Cheers and good hunting!

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    I would say some of the best are the Sony HX series, I am not a fan of the newest ones, but if you can get hold of a HX9V then you are laughing, brilliant camera, and if you like shooting video, the image stabilisation compared to others is brilliant for moving shots. If you want to spend some more money have a look at the new RX100, it is expensive but I have just had one, compared to other compacts it is amazing, the only issue is the white balance inside with energy saving bulbs, it struggles to get a true colour, other than that it is as quick as a DSLR, has a f1.8 lens on the wide end, and takes a 20mp picture which is as good as the NEX systems.

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    I have shortlisted my camera choices to the sony nex 5n and the panasonic GX-1. I quite like the AE bracketing [upto 5 shots at a wider range compared to the sony's 3 shots] however the sony does have the larger APS-C sensor.

    Does anybody have any advice on these 2 cameras

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    The Sony has the best low light sensor. The best Lcd at 960,000 dots plus it tilts allowing for different shooting actions. Video is at 60 fps.

    The Panasonic was good in its day, but Sony have overtaken it, simples!

    Get on down and have a play!
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    OK here's the thing, post processing AE bracketed photos for HDR is very important to me so a good range of exposure settings and shutter speed is important. Hence the reason I was considering the GX1. Having played with the NEX 5N the shutter speed seems slower and the bracketing mode not as good. Does anyone have any other recommendation for Compact System Camera good for manual HDR at a price similar to the NEX5N and GX1

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    yeah, me too, I have shortlisted my camera choices to the sony nex 5n and the panasonic GX-1. I quite like the AE bracketing .

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    Certainly the AE bracketing on the GX1 looks great. I had a play around with one yesterday and its easy to use and the shutter speeds is pretty impressive even with 5 images. The only thing putting me off is the Micro 4/3 sensor. The Sony certainly has more features [or gimmicks] which look quite good. The anti-shake feature was quite impressive but really how often are you going to use these. I certainly don't shake the camera about as I am about to take a picture.

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    A lot depends on what you want to do with the images afterwards. If printing to A3 size, then it would have to be around 240 dpi based on the 3:2 format.

    In the end it's what feels right to you. I did notice that it comes with a 'power zoom' kit lens (without zoom and focus rings). If you want that, then buy the standard lens.

    HDR used sparingly can make or break an image so I understand you wanting 5 different exposures. I noticed the Sony does it with three, but how that stands up in the real world I do not know.

    There are also 3 modes of image stabilisation with the Panasonic. I have them on my TZ7 & 10 and they work very well.




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