Hi. I'm looking to upgrade my current IXUS camera (10MP and 4x zoom). I want a model with much better zoom capability and also capable of taking pictures in low light conditions (so often I try to take pictures of my daughters in the house with my current camera and they just don't work even with reasonable lighting). I'm not wedded to a Canon but the reviews for the SX220 and the IXUS 230 appear good. What I want to know is which model people would recommend. The SX220 has a much greater zoom capacity but does this come at a cost in relation to image quality and taking pictures in lower light conditions? The IXUS doesn't have the same zoom capacity (although improved on my current model) but does get good reviews in terms of low light capabilities. I'm generally just a happy point and shoot snapper so not likely to use all the many functions available but would like to be able to do more/better landscapes - hence the zoom. Grateful for any views.