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    Default Canon Eos 550d/600d/650d

    Hello, hope this the right place for this question, sorry if it is not.

    I am looking to get an DSLR for the family, so I can take pictures of birthdays, weddings, etc, I would also like the camera to take good low light photos.

    I also want HD video to film my son.

    I think I have narrowed it down to the cameras above but I can not really tell if it worth spending the extra money on the EOS 650D, compared with the 600D?

    Do the cameras have similar lens mounts?
    I am asking as I am wondering if I get the 550D that they may stop making lenses for it?

    The camera will also eventually be used to take macro shots of mouths (I am a dentist not just weird...) so this also comes into consideration.

    The lenses I am looking at I have put links up to and wanted to know if they were ok for what I need them for?

    Also, the HD video that is taken, what file type is it and what editing software can you use to edit it and how can you watch it on a TV.

    I brought a HD camera (JVC) and transferring files and editing them was a nightmare and trying to watch them on a TV even harder, so that is why I am asking.

    If you have got this far, thanks

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    hi ozzy
    right first off the 550D 600D & the 650D are pretty much the same camera some have other bits the other ones don't have but not that much difference the 650D being the brand new spec
    2nd the lens mounts will not change when they have so many different body's in the EOS range i think there would be world war 3 with Canon users if they did
    3rd the links to them lens are not working

    4th the video files Canon use are mov.files H.264 codec and like any video format you buy have to be turned to in Vob files which is DVD files so that you can watch them on a TV once burned to a DVD Disc theres more to just buying a camera there is the other things like a good pc software hardrive space no good buying a good camera any find the rest of the thing you need are missing

    hope this is some help all the best

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    hi as above the really they all have the same sensor main differences
    550d fixed rear screen
    600d swivel screen and wireless flash control
    650d as 600d but with cross type af points and touch screen
    I have a mac and do dvds on that if i have to


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